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Being specialised in design, analysis and interpretation of health data about environmental issues and particularly carcinogens Prof. Christopher J. Portier criticised the CLH report for Glyphosate published by The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) in Germany.

He re-evaluated carcinogenicity of Glyphosate by means of a meta-analysis of the available studies about human evidence and mouse carcinogenic data.

Link to the full letter, tables and figures with comments on the conclusions of the CLH report

Bailer AJ, Portier CJ, 1988, "Effects of treatment-Induced Mortality and Tumor-Induced Mortality on Tests for Carcinogenicity in Small Samples"

Portier CJ, Bailer AJ, 1989, "Testing for Increased Carcinogenicity Using a Survival-Adjusted Quantal Response Test"

Additional supportive studies

Scientific evidence on the chromosomal damage induced by glyphosate in experimental systems

Link to study about spontaneous neoplastic lesions in mice in control groups